World Productivity Congress 2020

The World Productivity Congress is the world’s largest convention for productivity development. This congress is a key platform for innovative initiatives and world class practices that shape future productivity growth. It brings together a distinguished group of leading businessmen, industrialists, scholars, politicians, administrators and productivity experts from around the globe and from all sectors of industry, commerce and public service. It is this breadth of expertise and experience that makes the Congress an important event for shaping future governmental approaches to productivity development, and for shaping future organisational strategies.

This global event has been held in the UK, USA, Canada, China, Australia, India, Chile, South Africa, Malaysia, Norway, Sweden and Bahrain in its past editions.

World Productivity Congress comes back to India after 45 years

After a successful India edition in 1974, the World Productivity Congress is now being organised once again in India alongside World of Manufacturing, an international tradefair for Factory Automation, Digital Factory and Warehousing in Bangalore from 6 – 8 May 2020 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Bangalore.

The 19th World Productivity Congress is organised by the World Confederation of Productivity Science and PDA Trade Fairs Pvt Ltd.

The 19th World Productivity Congress

The most populous democracy in the world and the 6-largest country by area, India contains within itself more than 1.3 billion people, who are multi-lingual and multi-ethnic. In spite of these challenging diversities, India is still the world’s fastest-growing economy and, will be the third-largest economy in the world, next only to the United States and China by 2030 (A recent report by the World Economic Forum prediction).

The long-term Indian GDP growth has become more stable, diversified, and resilient. Over the next few years, India is expected to grow at well over 7% per year, with progress being buttressed by dynamic reforms in the macroeconomic, fiscal, tax and business environments.

India is expected to be the third-largest consumer economy as its consumption is projected to reach US$ 4 trillion by 2025 due to an expanding middle-class population, growing disposable incomes, urbanisation and rising affluence.

This tremendous market potential, makes India the ideal choice for the 19th World Productivity Congress.