Eduard Paul Enoiu

Mr Mehrdad Saadatmand

Senior Researcher and
Group Manager

Research Institutes of Sweden

Mehrdad Saadatmand is a senior researcher and group manager at RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden in Västerås. He holds a PhD degree in Software Engineering from Mälardalen University in Sweden, and his doctoral thesis is titled "Preservation of Extra-Functional Properties in Embedded Systems Development".

He has extensive experience of leading and working in various collaborative industrial research projects, particularly several large-scale EU ones. In these projects and collaborating closely with other experts from both industry and academia, he has been working on solving research challenges that are of high interest for Swedish and European industries, particularly in the domain of embedded & cyber-physical systems.

Some of Mehrdad’s collaborations with large Swedish industries includes working with ABB Industrial Automation and Bombardier Transportation in different areas such as test process automation and improving quality assurance methods.

Mehrdad is also responsible for the Software Testing Group at RISE in Västerås. Aside from EU projects, the group is also very active internationally by presenting the research results in international conferences, publishing in journals, and also organizing workshops.