The World Confederation of Productivity Science (WCPS) is an international association of industry, government, research centres, universities and scientists with an interest in progressing their economies and industries by the application of best practices in productivity science. Members of WCPS firmly believe that improving productivity increases wealth, and if that wealth is shared appropriately, conditions are created to enable a fairer society and a more peaceful world. Established in 1969, WCPS has hosted World Congress events, approximately every two or three years, usually involving the most senior leaders in government and industry, striving to enhance their economic and productivity strategies utilising the global knowledge and reach of WCPS.

There are two branches within WCPS

  • The World Academy of Productivity Science (WAPS) comprising over 500 recognised world leaders in productivity
  • • The World Network of Productivity Organisations (WNPO) comprising approximately 23 countries that have established National Productivity Centers or National Productivity Organisations, usually in Private-Public partnerships, to make best practices in productivity more readily available to small to medium sized entities and government departments.

PDA Ventures Private Limited

PDA Ventures Private Limited is part of PDA Tradefairs Private Limited Group. For over two decades now, PDA Trade Fairs Pvt Ltd has been organising several sector specific b2b trade fairs, events, conferences, world congresses, roadshows and business forums in India and Overseas. This core business of connecting industry specific ecosystems has been augmented via a speciality publishing initiative that connects communities round the year offering news, views and analysis relevant to specific industry verticals. PDA Trade Fairs has also been serving select sectors by bridging demand and supply side via custom published business directories. In step with the current digital era, PDA Trade Fairs also offers immersive multimedia experiums.