B B Mehta

Prof Mike Dillon

Chief Executive Officer

Institute of Productivity (IoP)

Professor Mike Dillon, the Chief Executive Officer at the Institute of Productivity (IoP), is a world-renowned expert on manufacturing strategy with a focus on overall effective efficiency and employability skills in all industries. As an expert in productivity, in his role at IoP Mike has specifically focused on driving productivity education to facilitate improved business performance.

Mike has deep industrial experience in food safety added value and the seafood sector and uses his experience to develop awareness of the links between food safety, productivity and operational effective efficiencies. Mike has completed over 100 project missions with United Nations agencies focusing on improving performance and achieving standards for market access. He has recently been involved in a number of major international projects, working with UNIDO, FAO and the World Bank.

Mike is Chairman of the World Confederation of Productivity Science and a Fellow of the World Academy of Productivity Science. He is a founding member of IAFI (International Association of Fish Inspectors), the current Secretary General and past President. IAFI is an international NGO focused on Seafood Inspection and Trade. He.

Mike has developed and published educational books and materials to support world-wide training in food control, productivity, and its links to employability, CSR, retail, hospitality, benchmarking and measuring effectiveness.

Mike is the author of many journal articles and is a regular keynote speaker at international conferences.